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 Testimonials:bird buttons  
 Here are a few of the comments we have received from people who have used our buttons;  
 "Attention to detail all the way! From the design and execution of these handmade, whimsical, buttons - to your helpful and informative customer service - I cannot say enough about your product. First class, with a touch of giggle! Thanks for making the world a cuter place!"

- Kathi, Milwaukee, WI USA 
 "We have recently added several new styles, much to our customers' delight. They are snapping them right up"

- Beverly, A Good Yarn, Brookline Village, MA
 "I love unique buttons and yours are very special. I live between Memphis and Nashville, so I will definitely check out one the retailers to purchase some of your buttons. You have a fantastic website. Please congratulate all the artisans who design and fashion your buttons. Have a blessed day."

- Roxanne Niedbalski, Jackson, TN 38305 
 "This is great!!! When I was out in Maine, I went to a button shop and thought I was in heaven. Enjoyed seeing all of your buttons. Now I know where to go to get those fun and cute buttons."

- Lynn Barry, Bettendorf, IA 52722 
 "This site is just what I have been looking for, no hole buttons for crafts. Thanks to Craftwise Magazine of SA"

- Rose McMillan, Brackenhurst, South Africa 
"I've just discovered your wonderful website and I lost myself for over an hour just browsing"

- Mrs. A M Liddicoat, Cornwall
 "Hi!!! I saw your buttons here in Portugal in a event "FIA Lisboa 2003" and I loved it, it's amazing. I bought a lot of things and now I found the site, I'll surely buy some more by net. My congratulations for your imagination. My favourite are the cats, but just because I love cats!!"

- Ana Lúcia Silva, Portugal 
 "I just saw your pig button on a  greeting card ... I would kill for that pig!!!!!!!! And if you have a minute, could you let me know what the minimum order is for individuals?"

- Linda Urbano, Bronx, N.Y. 10467 
 "Thank you for selling them directly to me! I am hours away from anyone who MIGHT carry them. What a wonderful idea."

- Sharon Calvert, Summit, MS 
 "I received the buttons and I love them! I'll be ordering more soon. Thanks so much for your attention and service."

- Angela, Evanston , IL USA
 "Dear Button Mad Crew, I loved your site, very cute!! I was given some of your buttons about 2 years ago and I have sewed them onto a handbag and the compliments have never stopped rolling in! I can't wait to purchase some more as I am now looking to decorate a quilt...any ideas???"

- Summer Antico, Sydney, NSW Australia

 "I just love your site and your buttons. I am opening an online shop early next month. I hope to have you buttons in it for the Grand Opening."

- Rivkah Main, Kalgoorlie, WA Australia
 "Hi. Received my buttons already!! Thanks so much. I love them. Starting a new venture in a resort area and thought the nautical ones would go well. I also love the two new ones you included. Thanks again. I'll be in touch again soon."

- Colleen, KnitWorks, Harwinton, CT
 "Just finished sewing bear buttons on three boys sweaters....I ABSOLUTELY ADORE EACH AND EVERY BUTTON YOU MAKE!!!!!!!! I purchase them at Yarns Unlimited in Santa Monica. thank you Buttonmad Team Sincerely, Beverly Delia"

- Beverly Delia, Santa Monica, CA USA
 "I love your buttons! This is a great site."

- Doris Keller, Owensboro, KY USA
 "Lovely buttons. I bought a set recently and they are incomparable. I have also bookmarked your site for future browsing when in need of new buttons sincerely, Lisa K"

- Lisa, CO USA
"Part of this order is a special order for a customer who found me through your website. Thanks! Sara"

- The Busy Needle, Rogers, AR
 "Happy Holidays to you, too. I have used your buttons on a couple of sweaters and have gotten many compliments. Thank you for offering such an unusual product line."

- Sue Geddis
 "The cat buttons flew outta here in a week!"

- Danna, Richmond, VA
 "Thanks so much, I received them today! As always they're wonderful. -Bonny"

- Bonny Rooze, Pittsboro, NC USA
 "Greetings - I've thoroughly enjoyed my first (lengthy) visit to your website. I've been a button collector for some time, and I've never seen such a large collection of truly adorable and classic buttons from one manufacturer. Great buttons!"

- Bonny Rooze, Pittsboro, NC USA
 "Hello, Thanks for featuring us on your web site! That orange is not that orange on a rainy day like yesterday! The buttons arrived in time for our Retreat -- thanks for the extra effort! People really like them! Thanks, Karen"

- Karen, Acorn Street Shop, Seattle, WA
 "Dear Button Mad Team, Your buttons arrived and are darling! I am sure you will grow speedily with such a great product. Thanks again for your generosity."

- Kristin Taylor, Benicia, CA USA
 "Your buttons sold very well at our first show. I would like to re-order... I love your products!"

- Carol Britt, Sew What Fabrics, Wytheville, VA USA
 "Thank you for your e-mail. I did have a look at your website and your buttons look gorgeous. I am sure they could be used for our soaps, candles and gel candles. Do you have a shop, or where can I come and see you?"

- Hans H Hatecke, South Africa
 "Hi -The pretty buttons arrived in fine shape today. Thank you very much for the extra ones, that was nice of you. I always take pictures of my completed sweaters, so I will be sure to send you one."

- Sue, Summit, NJ USA
 "Thank you for a very interesting website, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the button's you have to offer. A garment that has been knitted can stay looking good if you put the right button's on it!"

- Victoria Blanchard, Derbyshire, England, UK
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